Nolan Sands

Nolan Sands is a pet lover and grief therapist who uses his expertise to offer comfort and strength to those going through difficult times following the loss of a pet. Drawing on his years of personal and professional experience, his empathetic and compassionate approach brings his recent book "Pawprints on the Heart" to life.

Nolan is renowned for his ability to put into words the very complex human emotionality, resulting in a profound yet enlightening narrative. He comforts his readers and fosters understanding, addressing the deep and meaningful bond between humans and their pets. Despite the sense of isolation and incomprehension that often accompany the grieving process after the loss of a pet, its empathetic tone ensures that none of its readers feel alone during this difficult time.

Drawing on professional reflections and stories from other pet parents, his work offers a structured grieving process, allowing readers to feel their emotions and move forward in their healing journey.

A chocolate lover, Nolan firmly believes in the therapeutic value of a good book and a plate of brownies, preferably with a pet on your lap.

Ben L. Triumph

Ben L. Triumph, a dedicated youth counselor and father of two, skillfully navigates the turbulence of adolescence in his book "Rising to Unbreakable Confidence".

Ben is a psychology expert who translates intricate scientific insights into engaging narratives, leveraging his deep understanding of the teenage mind, further enriched by his parenting experience. When not crafting wisdom or empowering teens, he indulges in his passion for classic rock and explores local trails.

His book doesn't merely offer guidance; it establishes connections, inspires, and lays the groundwork for lifelong self-confidence. Ben shapes understanding and resilience through his work, providing young readers with the tools to rise and thrive.